Phantasticus’ mission is to create seminal wildlife and adventure programming with a purpose. Phantasticus is the only production company that actively finances conservation work in exchange for filming rights and the ability to bring exposure to causes.

Phantasticus’ current and upcoming slate entertains and engages while educating and inspiring viewers about the world’s amazing ecosystems and vast range of animal species - many on the brink of extinction. Spanning all continents, programs will transport viewers to some of the most remote areas of the world, bringing Galante’s hands-on expertise, resources and technologies to expose and address pressing wildlife and environmental issues.  Upcoming projects include “Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante” launching on October 17th on Animal Planet and discovery+. Phantasticus also produced “Wetmarkets Exposed” on Viceland and “Mystery of the Black Demon Shark,” discovery+.  


Travel to four different continents and see how the wet markets taking place on each not only feed the local community but also put the entire world at risk.

mystery of the black demon shark

Forrest Galante leads his team to Baja Mexico, in search of a giant black shark that's become a legend amongst local fishermen, a 60 foot sea beast known as El Demonio Negro, the black demon shark.

Mysterious Creatures with Forrest Galante

Wildlife biologist and adventurer Forrest Galante solves mysteries in the animal world in the most daring, dangerous and courageous ways all while helping conservation and the animals thrive.

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